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Personal Growth through Business Development,

Rehabilitation Department's, Home Health Direction,

Functional Rehabilitation Programs, Ergonomics, Sports & Coaching


Many Medicine based companies claim they place the best interest of the patient/client first in their program or rehabilitation product, but ultimately all they seem to be is concerned about client retention  expressing an administrative desire to maximize profits while complying with insurance driven ever expanding restrictions to comply with guidelines, authorization, documentation, and a reduction of waste in the healthcare service industry. 

The pressure is being then placed on the shoulders of the providers to treat as they are told instead of treating to the needs, or the best interest of the patient. Ultimately this results in a symptom only treatment 

Consulting in the form of Business Development, Program Development, Classes, Lectures, Retreats, and Seminars are provided on a Contract Basis, Full and Part Time Basis. We use Principles and Teachings from our book Heal Yourself; "For God's Sake" Team with us, or join us in association as we move to spread the word of complete and cause-driven healthcare to those entities who wish to Inject "Health and Wellness" into their philosophy, goals, and program.   The Absolute Result; Is a uniform increase in Goodness, Health, Happiness, and Prosperity into these many sectors of Health, Business and Life.  Call us for a Free Consultation where ideas and problem solving flow like falling snow. 

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