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Join Us In Our Supposition: 
"Heal Any Part of the Body, Including the Environment, and You Heal the Whole"




Come join us as we put Honor and Strength into the Environmental Industry using Mind, Body and most importantly Spiritual Belief granting Health and Wellness to the Whole Body by healing a part of the body the Environment.


At GEM Industries we believe in Taking back the control in our lives when it comes to Health and Prosperity as we empower our Brothers and Sisters to develop their own Environmental Mindfulness with sound and safe Recycling Options. 


Our founding ownership believes that healing any part of the body leads to health and prosperity of the entire body and this is not limited but truly demonstrated in Environmental Alternatives.


Environmental toxins and possible infectious contaminants can accumulate often in discarded recyclable products. The rural isolation and the possible health risks these materials have propagated as breeding sites and locations of accumulated wastes has prompted us towards not as much as alternative methods for recycling but complete methods of identification of possible infectious contaminants and then the safe decontamination, and extraction for transport these materials for safe and vital recycling back into usefulness. Using only natural and environmentally safe products in our programs, teaching and training our staff not only to properly identify these safety issues but to safely address them.


Peter Colla of Gem Health and Wellness has teamed with Steve Banta of S & D to formulate an alternative to Recycling and Environmental Development where Health and Wellness are placed at the forefront in philosophy and everyday practicality of performance. 


A beautiful combination of offerings utilizing the God-given truths of Mother Earth, Health and Wellness Instruction, Natural and Environmentally Safe, Recycling Options, and all presented weekly to help formulate and enhance an environment of Living and not just existing.


This facility is owned and operated by an Internationally Acclaimed Dancer and Pilates Instructor Anna Golinska-Colla as well as Director of Physical Therapy Peter Colla, combining over thirty years of individual care, instruction and experience into residential program opportunity where guests can have their Health and Wellness needs monitoring, and subsequently enhanced on a weekly and even daily basis.  

  • The Initial Physical Therapy, Addiction Rehabilitation or Wellness Exa...
    1 hr
    Prices Vary
  • Two to Six week program
    3 hr
    Varies on Need
  • Ongoing Visits with caring, experienced, and attentive staff all worki...
    1 hr
    120 dólares estadounidenses
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