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In the area of Addiction Rehabilitation, our methods are simple; 


We assist our clients in the process of regaining the control and authority over the attacks that have plagued them, teach them the simple process of saying "No" to the attack of addiction, "No" to the fear of withdrawal's, understanding the mental and spiritual authority that resides in each of us over these seemingly enslaved responses while regaining the lost physical abilities and gifts they  have seem to have lost as a result of the ongoing addictions.


We assist them in overcoming attacks of depression, anxiety,  and fear by understanding the bodies true meaning of these mechanisms and thus use these signals for the purpose they were designed; learning and growth. The brothers and sisters we help gain knowledge and insight as to the true nature of these attacks, the physical effects caused by enslavement to these oppressors, and real tools to not only help themselves but others suffering from or supporting their issues. 


A full spectrum of Body, Mind, and Spirit treatments are considered in a rehabilitation program personally and specifically designed to affect these issues using the natural and God-given tools we have all been given to free ourselves from the hopelessness and chains addictions cause. We have everything we need to overcome, we merely have to reach out and take it. "You have not, because you ask not?" So, we  will ask!


Programs are performed clinically or at your own home, consisting of three to five visits a week lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours depending on the specific needs of the client as well as the degree of rehabilitation needs of the individual. We can couple our Addiction Rehabilitation consultations with other Medical Professionals who if need be, help with current chemical addictions, helping clients off the opioids or other dependencies as we work with them in the rehabilitation process.


The Gem Addiction Rehabilitation Program is a one to six-week program with the option to extend or complete earlier depending on the success. At the Initial Consultation, an assessment will be rendered whereby an estimate will be given to set up the Plan of  Care throughout the Rehabilitation Process.


Opioid, Alcohol, Nicotine, and other chemical addictions are only the  few can helped with by applying the Addiction Rehabilitation instructions to; Food, Behaviorals (such as Gambling, Hoarding, or other personally destructive addictions), Personal Body Image, Hormone Imbalances, Eating Disorders can all benefit from these instructions. 

The Initial Evaluation will take place during or at the completion of the Detox Phase of the program, but reservations of time scheduling or planning of location can be made prior to Detox.


In this program, you can expect to be taken through various stages of discovery whereby individual visits will concentrate  on progressing steps of physical, mental and spiritual enhancement and enlightenment, where you will discover the truth "What doesn't Kill you, makes you Stronger" as we  step onto this path to discover how you have become stronger after surviving this storm.


All forms of Addiction that have harmful physical effects on the body are treated by GEM including but not limited to; Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Food or Weight Retention, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Fears of all kinds. 


Fees for service are collected in advance or at the completion of the Initial Consultation. We are a Cash Only Addiction Rehabilitation Service, we chose not to participate with insurance carriers, but will gladly provide the paperwork, visit notes and bills to submit for yourselves.  We are currently operating under a 501c3, and while the fee for service starts at $2500, the rate will be adjusted according to the specific needs of the client and their ability to pay.


Freedom Starts with the Recognition of What and Where Exactly the Attack is Coming From! Only Then, can an Effective Fight be Initiated, in the Right Direction, with permanent success. We are not interested in only symtom relief but complete victory. 


Where the Assurance of Victory is not only Optimized   But Certain!

We are not in running or hiding from the Addiction Bully but we are engaged in a process that defeats the Bully and "Cures" the victim of the addiction once and for all!!!

They would tell you; "there is no cure for addictions,""it is something you are born with," or "Become?" They Lie!

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